Survival kit for future landscapes (2019)

Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale Nord 2019, Norway

Installation on fjeld top between Trolltinden and Breitinden, Nevelsfjorden. Height 768 m.

Photographer and rock climber: Christoffer Eide

Also installation at Tverrelvskaret, Nevelsfjorden, between Blåfjellet and Storlitinden. Height 456 m.

Photographer and rock climber: Charlotte Grum

Hand rolled balls of local lowland peat humus

A humus ball was placed in various strategic, specific locations on fell tops around Kjerringøy in northern Norway. It contained many local seeds and spores. If one day, sea levels rise to cover the fell tops as a result of climate change, it will start to germinate and grow. A dystopian act with a utopian intention.