Becoming Sheep (2015)

med journalist Mads Bernhardt Jensen | Interview med Charlotte Grum i campingvogn, en kold oktoberdag 2015


New article by Magdalena Dworak-Mróz, Institute of Arts at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw:
“Becoming Sheep” by Charlotte Grum. A Zoe-Egalitarian Turn in the Artistic Practice

MAY: Participant in workshop related to “There Are Other Fish In The Sea”, artist group Superflex’ intervention at Roskilde University, Denmark. Superflex works in the interests of climate change and forms of interdisciplinary knowledge. The intervention at RUC will be developed in several stages. The stages involve an introduction, interviews and hypnotazation in a transformation process – the session will be lead by a professional hypnotist.The final design of the structure will synthesize the necessities and desires of the present human campus and future fish school, our expanded collective. It will be designed to be used by humans and sub-aquatic species, a place where to sit, lay down, swim, float, climb, look up or even migrate vertically.


Folding and unfolding a performative article with lecturer Tine Jensen called “Udsøgte kadavere” for an anthology called Nordiska Rhizom, (red.) Bosse Bergsted, Jonas Alwall og Lonni Hall


Research for local human and non-human actors, scenography and performance participant at Guds Lam (inspired by Milo Rau’s Lam Gods), Cantabile 2 – Human Specific Performance Theater, Vordingborg, Denmark

A fantastic review of Guds Lam in Danish newspaper Information 27.1.2020

‘Survival kit for future landscapes’ is the cover page of Norwegian SEkunstmagasin 03/2019, presenting Kjerringøy Land Art Biennale 2019