Make a difference (2004)

Galleri Jyllandsposten, Copenhagen


I made the gallery into a platform for social exchange where differences literally were cut in paper. I asked the visitor to participate in the construction of the art work, consisting of foam board figures cut from the bodies and postures of the visitors. The result was a registration of bodies in space over time. But also a relational work only coming into being with the participation of the visitors. 

The following text hung in the gallery:

“I start off Monday morning at 9. I have bought 18 foam boards (140 x 300 cm) and a Stanley knife. I have borrowed an overhead projector. I have decided to draw the contours of the visitors of the gallery and cut them out in cardboard. I hope there will be visitors. If not, it doesn’t make a difference. The artwork emerges as the visitors turned up. No visitors, no work of art. No arms, no cookies. It’s as simple as that.”