G-rummet (2005)

Private apartment, Copenhagen

Paper words on window, daily renewed


In my project ‘G-rummet’ (2005) (that is, the G-room, playing with my surname Grum) a number of ambiguous questions was shown in a window of an apartment block bordering on to a public park in Copenhagen. Questions were raised both regarding the physical division of our life spheres – the apartment block versus the park – and regarding superior power structures – like center/periphery, inside/outside, owner/user etc.:

Who owns the view? Where is the limit? Who is outside? Whose space is it? Is there space in between? How is space being divided? How is space being experienced?

This project was run prior to a general election. Some of the questions could be understood as statements and questions to the current socio-political state. The main issue being the strict immigrant laws being put forward by the government.