Reconstructing de-mo-cra-cy

Kingsgate Gallery, London

Installation, Danish news papers

By altering the physical or mental qualities of a space my art projects have invited another kind of subjective being, acting or thinking in that space. I have wanted to “soften the city” (Raban, 1974) and explore the “social and political production of space” (Lefebvre, 1991).

This focus was reflected in the exhibition ‘Reconstructing de-mo-cra-cy’ (2005) in London. The Muhammad crisis and the discussion of freedom of speech were still on people’s minds. Using Danish newspapers I covered the interior of the gallery from floor to ceiling creating a condensed and claustrophobic media covered room, inviting the visitor to tell what their dream democracy was. One of the answers was: “My dream democracy… is when I don’t have to dream anymore”.